MyCourseDocs is a product of
Simple yet safe distribution of
your digital course documentation
Presented with your corporate style in
the MyCourseDocs app & online reader
Always up-to-date without
additional printing or handling costs
You only pay per student
€ 0,95 max
Create an account tody and try it out for free
Register your training company and follow the link in the email confirmation. You will then receive an email with an activation code, provding you access to our demo course and also manual. Follow the instructions in this email and experience how the app and/or online reader adapts to the design of this fictional training company.

You will start with a free credit of 3 codes
Give the app your recognizable corporate style
Following your registration, upload the background photo and determine the header and hyperlink to your website.
Generate PDFs from your course documentation
Determine the name of your course and upload the corresponding PDF documents like welcome & amp; Introduction, textbook and workbook.
Add optional interactivity
With our online editor, you can enrich the PDF with hyperlinks to YouTube instructional videos or websites such as Drillster or Classmarker , to execute exercise assignments. Adding readers' comments from your students is also possible, as well as an additional photo gallery. Our portal's dashboard gives you insight into the use of these extras and the reading behavior of your students so that you can optimize your documentation.
The pre-view feature allows you to test your add-ons in advance. Finallay you prepare your documents for distribution.
Buy a code bundle in our webshop
In order to keep your billing as simple as possible, you determine the minimal amount of codes you need based on the number of students, and buy thy the appropiate code bundle in our webshop. This will provide you with a code credit that allows you to generate activation codes. You will receive a VAT invoice immediately after payment.
Invite your students
Upload the email addresses of your students, who will then receive the instructions regarding your course documentation, including the automatically generated activation code. After the student has registered via the app or online reader, he/she can then enter the unique activation code, after which your course material will automatically be visible within the application.
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